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Privacy notice

This website is owned and run by OpenSkies. At OpenSkies we will always respect your privacy and will continue to do so in visiting our website. This policy explains:



1. Data collection and your use of this website?

You are in control of what information we collect about you. However, if you choose not to share your information some areas of the website may not be accessible or useable.

We may ask you for information about yourself when you book a flight online, join the Executive Club or register online, for other products or services, when you enter competitions or register for promotions or when you request brochures or other information. We may also invite you to complete surveys or provide us with feedback.

We collect information about your use of this website from cookies. For information about our use of cookies and how to decline them please read our Cookie Policy.

2. How we use your data?

We use your data to improve the service we offer you and to try and ensure that you get the best out of our web-sites.

Non-marketing use

We will use the information you enter at the site for administration purposes and any other purposes made clear in the data entry forms themselves, in any relevant terms or conditions and on any pages or emails which link to such forms. If you make a booking with us we may use your personal data for the purposes explained below under the heading "How we use your booking data".

Certain cookies sent to your browser will help us to save you time. For example, if you're halfway through a booking our cookies will allow you to browse other areas of the website and then return to your booking. If you are accessing the site from a company which has a OpenSkies extranet, a cookie will also help us recognise which company you are from, so that you are taken to the appropriate extranet.

Website customization and targeting of adverts

We use the data you give us about yourself when you join the Executive Club or register online to build up a picture of your interests - we then try to ensure that when you visit the site, you don't miss the offers and information relevant to you.

OpenSkies appoints reputable third party advertising companies to collect and share with us, website usage information about visitors to our website, for the purposes of statistical analysis, tracking page usage and paths used by visitors through our site, targeting our Internet banner advertisements on our website and on other websites and tracking use of our Internet banner advertisements and other links from our marketing partners' websites to our website. For this purpose, we and our third party advertising companies note information on the path you take to get to our site and on some of the pages you visit on our website through the use of cookies. The information collected by these third party advertising companies is not personally identifiable. For information about these third party advertisers (including how to opt out of receiving their cookies) please visit our Cookie Policy.

3. How we use your booking data

If you make a booking with or order a brochure from OpenSkies, we will record your personal details. Your data will be used principally to meet your requirements. We retain the data you provide from time to time, including your purchase history and data we collect when you use our services and facilities. Your data may be used for the following purposes: accounting, billing and audit, credit or other payment card verification and screening, immigration and customs control, safety, security, health, administrative and legal purposes, statistical and marketing analysis, operation of frequent flyer programmes, systems testing, maintenance and development, customer surveys, customer relations and to help us in any future dealings with you, for example by identifying your requirements and preferences. For these purposes we may disclose your data to any of the following: other airlines and other companies involved in meeting your requirements, data processing companies, travel agents, government and enforcement agencies, credit and charge card companies and screening service providers. This may involve sending your data between different countries, including countries outside the European Economic Area.

We will not use your data to contact you for direct marketing purposes without your consent. For further information, please read Direct marketing and how can you change your marketing preference? below.

Customs and Immigration Authorities

OpenSkies and other airlines are required by laws in the USA and other countries to give border control agencies access to booking and travel information. Accordingly any information we hold about you and your travel arrangements may be disclosed to the customs and immigration authorities of any country in your itinerary.

In addition, laws in several countries require OpenSkies and other airlines to collect "Advance Passenger Information" (passport and associated information) for all passengers prior to travel to or from those countries. When required OpenSkies will provide this information to the requesting customs and/or immigration authorities.

Executive Club Members' Data

For full details on how the data we hold on Executive Club members may be used, please read the Executive Club Terms and Conditions - clause 4.

Direct Marketing

Please see the question "Direct marketing and how can you change your marketing preference?" below.

Customer Surveys

From time to time we may run customer surveys. Surveys by or on behalf of OpenSkies are conducted in accordance with the Market Research Society and ICC/ESOMAR guidelines. These guidelines ensure that participation in any research is confidential and voluntary and that results do not identify individual respondents. For the purpose of surveys we may combine cookie or other data with your answers but we will ensure that this does not affect the anonymity of the results.

4. Change your direct marketing and marketing preference?

We offer you the opportunity to receive information about exclusive fares, special offers and other news from the OpenSkies group. We may use your purchase history to communicate information we think may interest you. To improve our picture of your interests we may link the data you give us about yourself with any data we have gathered (via cookies) about your use of the site.

You will be asked if you want to receive direct marketing if you join the Executive Club.

If you are not an Executive Club member but have signed up for marketing communications by registering online, we will communicate with you as a registered customer.

You will not receive direct marketing from companies outside of OpenSkies as a result of giving your details to us.

We will normally send direct marketing by email if we have your email address.

If you would like us to stop sending direct marketing to you, we offer simple ways to do this. Whenever you receive direct marketing you will be told how to unsubscribe.

If you consented to receive marketing communications when you made a booking or requested a brochure or when you entered a competition or registered for a promotion you can tell us that you do not wish to receive any more by writing, with your full name, address and other contact details (to enable us to find your records), to:

3 rue Le Corbusier
CS 50046
94528 Rungis Cedex 1

If you tell us that you do not wish to receive further direct marketing, you will still receive communications confirming and servicing any bookings you make with us, and, if you are an Executive Club member, you will continue to be informed about your membership benefits and entitlements.

5. Who can your data be disclosed to?

Disclosure of your data to others may be necessary to ensure the smooth provision to you of the products, services and information you request. Your booking and travel data may be disclosed to the other entities described above under the heading "How we use your booking data".

If you consent to direct marketing, your details will be used and disclosed in the manner set out under the heading "Direct Marketing and how can you change your marketing preference?"

6. How may you amend data submitted by you?

If you are an Executive Club member you can change your personal details at any time by amending your membership profile online, or by telephoning or writing to the Executive Club.

If you are a registered customer you can change your personal details at any time by amending your profile through Change My Details at the Executive Club.

If you consented to receive marketing communications when you requested a brochure or made a booking, or when you entered a competition or registered for a promotion you can change your personal details at any time by writing, with your full name, address and other contact details (to enable us to find your records) to:

3 rue Le Corbusier
CS 50046
94528 Rungis Cedex 1

If you require any further guidance on updating the details we hold about you, please contact us.

7. What countries will your data pass through?

We want our customers to benefit from OpenSkies' international connections. Accordingly, in operating this site, as outlined in this privacy policy, we may send data about site visitors through or to other countries, both inside and outside Europe.

8. Why do we link to other websites?

We use links to other Internet sites to improve your experience of our website. We will always seek to make these links clear by opening them in a new window of your web browser. However, please be aware that these websites may be owned and run by other companies and organizations. OpenSkies does not endorse any such websites and we are not responsible for the information, material, products or services contained on or accessible through those websites. Your access and use of such websites remains solely at your own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for any information you divulge to a linked website.

9. Confidentiality of your booking reference

When you make a booking you will be given a booking reference (also known as a PNR or Passenger Name Record). This will appear on the email confirmation for each person in your booking. We recommend that your booking reference should be kept confidential at all times. Disclosure of your booking reference number to others may allow them to access your booking details and itinerary through our system. If you are travelling with others and would not like your individual booking details accessed by them, you may prefer to have each person make separate bookings, to be individually paid for.

10. Collecting statistical data?

We try to ensure that our website offers visitors exactly what they are looking for - to help us achieve this goal we may analyze anonymous data collected by cookies about how visitors use the website. Such data also helps us to measure the success of our advertising campaigns.

We may also collect Internet Protocol addresses to help diagnose problems with our servers and for system administration, but we don't link these addresses to any person's name or identity.

11. Changes to this policy?

There may be developments in how we use your data - all such developments will be posted to this site by updating this policy.