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Advance Passenger Information

Government authorities around the world have tightened security considerably at airports so that you can travel safely to your destination.

With that in mind, we are required to collect 'Advance Passenger Information' from all passengers before travel, on behalf of government authorities.

You must provide this information before you will be able to check-in for your flight. You can use flyopenskies.com, an airport check-in kiosk or go to a check-in desk to do this.

It is important that the information provided is accurate.

What is Advance Passenger Information?

Advance Passenger Information refers to specific passport details and you will be required to supply some or all of the following information:

  • passport number
  • country which issued your passport
  • passport expiry date
  • given names (as they appear on the passport)
  • last name
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • nationality

When traveling to the USA

The US authorities require some more detailed information from visitors:

Find out about US Immigration requirements

You must supply the minimum information at least 72 hours before your flight's scheduled departure.

What happens to the information given?

  • OpenSkies will only provide the necessary government authorities with the required and relevant information.
  • Some government authorities also require airlines to provide them with direct access to customer flight bookings, which may contain other passenger data.

How do I give Advance Passenger Information?

We recommend that you give us this information straight after you have made your booking, or as soon as possible afterwards.

You can add Advance Passenger Information online using Manage My Booking at anytime after you have booked and before you check in. You can add Advance Passenger Information through Manage My Booking

At check-in

If you haven't given us this information by the time you check-in, we will ask you for it when you use online check-in, a check-in kiosk or a check-in desk.

New regulations for entering the USA

As of January 20, 2010, all passengers planning to visit the United States under the visa waiver scheme must ensure compliance with new US Customs and Border Protection Regulations before traveling. This requires those who are eligible for entry into the United States to complete an Electronic Authorization Request using the Electronic System for Travel Authorization online system (commonly referred to as ESTA). – Below is the list of visa waiver countries**


New Zealand

Republic of Korea
Republic of Czech
San Marino
United Kingdom

The new regulations require all customers who reside in the countries listed above to provide personal information including their name, date of birth, and passport details, as well as optional travel information such as the flight number and destination address in the USA.

Customers can provide the information online* at ESTA or via their travel agent to obtain an ESTA approval that is valid for two years, allowing multiple visits to the U.S. within that period without the need to re-apply.

*When applying there will be a drop down menu to chose your airline. For OpenSkies you will select: BA European Ltd (OpenSkies).

Please note that if Customers fail to complete the application 72 hours before check in, they may face a delay to their journey. This can result in customers being denied access to the flight and/or entry into the United States of America.

**The following countries are in the process of being accepted under the visa waiver program: Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia and South Korea. Until these countries are accepted, citizens must still apply for a B-1/B-2 visitor visa before traveling to the United States.


A valid passport is required for all U.S. citizens and foreign nationals entering France. Visitors must have ready for presentation at the border documentary evidence of the purpose of the visit, means of support for the duration of the stay and accommodation arrangements.

Check here https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/ to confirm your passport requirements for entry or exit into the country of your destination.

A visa may be required and requirements differ by country. Check to see whether a visa is required, and how long your passport must be valid for entry. Don't be surprised - check before you book your flight. Some country Embassies or Consulates can take quite some time to issue visas. Take a moment now – and make sure you are prepared.

At OpenSkies we use this information at the airport of departure to validate your particular visa and passport needs.

Click on the links below to find out if you need a visa and, if so, how to apply for one.


Transporting certain items into some countries (food products, certain equipment, etc.) may not be permitted. Find out more by visiting the French Consulate website: http://www.consulfrance-newyork.org/spip.php?article352

Importing, exporting, or simply carrying counterfeit goods constitutes a crime that may subject you to customs and criminal sanctions.

**The following countries are in the process of being accepted under the Visa Waiver Program: Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia and South Korea countries Until accepted citizens must still apply for a B-1/B-2 visitor visa before traveling to the United States.